Productivity Software for Modern Teams

ze robot labs makes delightful productivity software for your team that takes care of the mundane. Focus on what is important and leave the rest to our suite of products.



Nestor is a Slack Bot that that is your team's assistant on Slack. Nestor can find you the closest restaurant to your office, schedule events on your calendar, call Ubers for you and provide you insight into your business analytics, such as how much money your business makes.

Nestor is available at Read about Nestor's launch on Medium.


Bot Metrics

BotMetrics is the best way for your to collect and analyze metrics for your Slack Bot. Get powerful insights into your bot is doing with just one line of code.

Botmetrics is available at



Relax is an open-source Go library that enables you to run your own "Slack bot as a service". Relax is used in production by both Nestor and Dunstin and lets you run slack bot services in a performant way with a very low memory footprint, with high availability.

Relax is available at, and the source code is available on Github.



Ze Robot Labs was founded in 2015 by Arun Thampi. Previously, Arun co-founded Nitrous.IO – the best way for you to code online; and built highly-scalable distributed systems as part of Nitrous' core product.

In July 2016, Sandeep joined Ze Robot Labs as co-founder and COO. Arun & Sandeep worked together extensively at Nitrous.IO and Sandeep brings his immense experience & immaculate product sense to Ze Robot Labs.